BCPA Priorities

( I )

We will be making our constructive views known on the ongoing Police Act Review being carried out by the province.

We support a number of the recommendations for changes in the Police Act, and we look forward to the eventual introduction of the new legislation.

( II )

We want to see harmonization of the rules and regulations governing civilian oversight of policing.

For historical reasons, members of the RCMP, carrying out their provincial policing function, are subject to different oversight rules than those of us serving municipal police forces.

We believe harmonization will be better, and fairer, for both the public and police officers.

( III )

We need to examine the effectiveness of integrated policing units from both an economic and a social perspective.

Integrated policing, in which officers from different jurisdictions combine their investigative and policing skills, should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

This will ensure that communities taking part are getting full value for their tax dollar and that our members who work in these units are doing so under appropriate conditions.