About Us

The Vancouver Police Union, (VPU), received its Charter on July 15, 1918, and was established with the mandate to effectively and democratically represent its members as a bargaining unit under the British Columbia Labour Code.

The VPU is a member-driven organization. It continually works at internal cooperation, consultation and consensus. To its membership, it is open and accessible, communicating, reporting and holding itself accountable to them.

The VPU defends member interests and actively pursues positive change on their behalf by setting clear objectives based on a defined union role. The Union is creative and innovative in making and carrying out initiatives to achieve these goals, always employing sound business practices.

The mandate of the VPU includes:

  • negotiating and administering collective agreements governing wages and working conditions.
  • ensuring compliance with Section 12 of the BC Labour Code which requires member representation not be arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith.
  • assisting in Police Act matters, in particular, in relation to discipline regulations as they are of concern to the membership.
  • advising members with repect to Worksafe and Employment Standards Act matters.
  • administering private group benefits coverage as determined by the membership.
  • dealing with other relevant membership and professional matters consistent with the state of employment of the membership.

The Vancouver Police Union seeks to operate effectively, efficiently and with impact. It promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills by members and staff to improve operations. Ralph Kaisers is the president of the Vancouver Police Union.